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Your Dentist in Blaine Can Help Treat the Complications of Lyme Disease

May 13, 2018

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close up of a beautiful smileMay is dedicated as Lyme Disease Awareness Month, which is a tickborne disease that affects more than 30,000 Americans each year; however, it is believed that that number is far higher because many remain undiagnosed. The disease causes a significant decrease in your quality of life, often leading to rashes, swelling, fatigue, and a variety of other symptoms. Although these are common symptoms, they are not the only issues that can occur. Chronic Lyme disease can also impact your oral health. As a result, your dentist in Blaine may play an active role in your recovery and reducing symptom flares.

Combating the Complications of Lyme Disease

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Lyme disease is caused by a strain of bacteria that is transmitted to humans from infected tics. This can lead to a wide range of complications, like fever, headaches, fatigue, and a rash. If it is left untreated, it can begin to affect the joints, heart, and nervous symptom. Thankfully, the infection can often be treated quickly using antibiotics.

The complications of Lyme disease cannot only affect the body, but the mouth as well. Often, many dentists see the infection from chronic Lyme disease in Blaine manifest into oral health complications. It can appear in the dentin and tubules that lead to the pulp. The bacteria from Lyme disease can infect these areas of the teeth, leading to dental issues.

Research has found that those who have had past or current dental work that involves metals, like fillings or crowns often experience a higher level of complications from the infection. The metals used in the dental work can aggravate the immune system and cause the nervous system to short circuit.

Over time, this can lead to a wide range of complications, like ear aches, headaches, balance problems, vision issues, and dizziness. It can be difficult to treat the issues because often the dental complications can mask the symptoms of Lyme disease.

Restoring Your Dental Health

When Lyme disease is causing issues for your oral health, you will need a dentist who understand how the mouth and body are interconnected. They will develop a homeopathic remedy to address the issues to reduce bacteria in the teeth. In addition, alternatives to metals will be used when performing dental work. By doing so, it will not only restore your oral health, but also help to improve the symptoms of Lyme disease.

If you have Lyme disease, it is best to visit your dentist for a checkup to ensure that there are no issues brewing in your mouth that may be hurting your health.

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