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What are Implant Overdentures?

September 13, 2017

Laughing senior coupleIf you’re missing numerous teeth or you already wear a denture, you know there are some drawbacks to these advanced tooth replacement prosthetics. They slip, they rub against the gums, they only provide limited chewing ability, and they don’t always look the most natural. To some extent, a refitted denture could do the trick, but dentists may have a better option – implant overdentures. These prosthetics offer the best of both removal and dental implant fixed dentures.  

Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures are crafted using a gum colored base to support a full row of replacement teeth. The base material is molded to fit snuggly against the gums creating suction that holds the prosthetic in place. Patients can also use dental adhesive to improve stability, but a well-made and maintained denture should stay in place. Traditional dentures retain the shape and structure of the smile and restore about 20% of natural chewing function.

Implant-Retained Dentures

Dental implant posts are small, titanium rods inserted below the gums. These implant posts mimic the lost tooth roots in order to provide a support system for replacement teeth. Dental crowns, fixed bridges, and dentures can all be attached to implant posts creating a more natural looking, feeling, and functioning restoration. Because implant posts provide stimulation to the gums and jawbone, they maintain the natural gum tissue volume and jawbone density. This means patients don’t experience the sagging facial structures common with traditional dentures. Implant-retained dentures restore 70% or more of natural chewing function, so patients are able to eat a more varied diet.

The Implant Overdenture Difference

Unlike implant fixed dentures, an overdenture is connected to the implants using a removable clasp. The prosthetic snaps in place, creating a stable denture foundation. Patients can still remove their denture each night for cleaning and store it in cool water. For many patients, this is the ideal solution because they achieve the stability of implant-retained dentures with the comfort and convenience of removable prosthetics. Being able to remove a denture for cleaning is important for patients who struggle with dexterity and may not be able to completely clean their implant retained dentures.

Meet the Circle Pines Dental Team

At Circle Pines Dental, our team is dedicated to helping patients find the perfect dentistry treatment plan to meet their needs. In order to ensure patients make the right decisions, we take time to carefully explain your options and help you find the best treatment. If you’re interested in learning more about implant overdentures or any other service, please contact our caring dentistry team. We’ll be happy to discuss any services you’d like to learn more about, and you should feel free to check in with our blog regularly to learn more about dental care in our office.

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