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4 Things You Need to Know About Medical Insurance & Dental Care

November 26, 2017

Insurance coverage formsIf you’ve ever needed advanced eye care like surgical treatment for glaucoma, you know that medical insurance will typically cover part of the cost of these procedures. However, if you’ve ever needed oral surgery, you know this is not the case with advanced dentistry procedures. Keep reading to learn more about the sordid history of the medical and dental fields that make it less likely for medical insurance providers to cover even the most advanced dental care.

1 – Dental Care is Still a New Field

As recently as the early 1900s dental care was performed by untrained practitioners. In fact, you could get your tooth pulled and a haircut in the same place. For this reason, some medical professionals have difficulty taking the dental field seriously. The same is unfortunately true for medical insurance providers.

2 – 90% of Chronic Illnesses Have Oral Health Symptoms

Even though medical insurance providers don’t take dental care very seriously, research indicates that 90% of health conditions have symptoms that present orally. Regular dental appointments may be the best way to receive early diagnosis of a number chronic and systemic illnesses.

3 – People are More Likely to Put off Care for Dental Health Concerns

Unfortunately, typical patient behavior may also be feeding into the insurance providers reticence to offer coverage for dental care. A large majority of patients put off their dental treatment until they are in serious pain. Medical insurance providers view dental health concerns as preventable, so when patients do need advanced treatments, medical providers don’t want to offer coverage.

4 – Medical Insurance Does Cover Some Aspects of Dentistry

The good news is that some aspects of dentistry can receive partial coverage. Some of the dental services that may be covered by medical insurance providers include:

  • Antibiotics to treat infections
  • Prescription pain relievers following advanced treatments
  • Prescription sedative medications and some IV sedation and general anesthesia, especially in a hospital setting
  • Oral appliances for sleep apnea therapy

Meet the Circle Pines Dental Team

If you’re in need of advanced dentistry services, the Circle Pines Dental team is here to help you maximize your insurance coverage. We’ll carefully review your treatment plan and help you understand how medical and dental insurance will cover the treatments. Our goal is to ensure you are not surprised by any unexpected costs associated with your treatment plan. Contact our Circle Pines dental team if you have questions about your dental benefit plan or to schedule an appointment with our friendly dentist and team. We’re always happy to help our patients with any of their oral health care needs.

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